The internet is going wild over a conspiracy theory that Justin Trudeau has fake eyebrows

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Chris Wattie/ReutersA theory that Justin Trudeau has fake eyebrows took over the Internet on Monday.

  • A viral video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau giving a press conference appeared to show his left eyebrow “falling off.”
  • Twitter users ran wild with the theory and made lots of jokes, including a parody account.
  • However, it looks like the “falling off” was an optical illusion created by poor lighting.

This year‘s annual was marked by and exchanged between President Donald Trump and other world leaders over trade.

But Twitter users went wild over another, much less serious issue: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s eyebrows.

A video posted of Trudeau delivering a press conference appeared to show Trudeau‘s left eyebrow “falling off” his face.

“Trudeau eyebrows” started trending on Google, and Twitter users began that Trudeau wears fake eyebrows glued to his face. Many had a little fun at his expense:

Someone even created a parody account for Trudeau‘s eyebrows:

But it Trudeau has fake eyebrows after all. Several people pointed out that his brows are naturally thicker and darker on the bottom and get thinner and lighter toward the top. That combined with harsh, unflattering studio lights created the optical illusion of an eyebrow “falling off” his face.