Pivot Point Watch for Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTNR): 1 Month Woodie Level is 5.465475

When watching the day to day movements of the market, investors often have to be careful not to let external factors cloud their judgment. From time to time, there may be certain stocks taking off that look highly tempting to purchase. Getting into a position based on short-term price movements may be a specific strategy for some, but it may be highly costly for others. Even if a stock has been on a big run that the investor might have missed out on, there is no guarantee that the run will continue higher. Although there may be potential in highly publicized stocks, it may be wise for investors to do their own research and then decide if the stock fits with the overall goals.

Shifting the technical focus to Keltner Channels, we see that the 20 day upper envelope is 5.364152 on shares of Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTNR). The 20 day lower envelope is currently 5.07502. Traders may be watching for a breakthrough of the higher or lower Keltner bands.

Traders using technical analysis may be employing moving average indicators to assist with gauging a certain market move or to indicate its strength. Many traders will rely on the EMA or Exponential Moving Average to accomplish this. Checking on some recent levels we can see that the 10 day EMA is 5.314306, the 20 day is 5.219586, and the 30 day is 5.1641774. Pulling back a bit, we note that the 100 day EMA is 4.936352, the 50 day is 5.0932136, and the 200 day EMA is 4.7321143.

A good way for investors to understand stock price movements is to look at how it has performed at various intervals in the past. Tracking shares of Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTNR), we see that the most recent close price was 5.4
Year-to-date: -12.217959
Prior week: 2.857143
Prior month: 10.869297
Last 6 months:33.333332
Last 3 months: 25.00868

Traders use pivot point analysis to help determine key levels where a stock price may react. Tracking these turn around levels may help the trader while attempting stock analysis. Looking at some current one month pivots, we note that the Fibonacci pivot is 5.3546333 while the Fibonacci support 1 pivot is 5.187279, and the Fibonacci support 2 is 5.0838876. Checking on the one month Woodie pivot, we note the level at 5.465475. The Woodie support 1 pivot is 5.33095, and the Woodie resistance 1 pivot is 5.76905.

Following recent trading activity, we note that Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTNR) has seen a move of -0.7352941% since the open. The prior close was 5.4 and the one month high price is currently 5.6. 

After a recent check, we see that the Bull Bear Power reading is 0.3880556. Moving to some volatility readings, we see that the current value is 4.661654. Looking out for the week, volatility is 2.48119. For the previous month, volatility is at 2.9792647. Investors often track volatility across sectors to compare with the overall volatility in the market.

Successful investors are typically well aware of portfolio holdings at any given time. They tend to regularly review the portfolio to make sure that the combination of stocks is in line with goals and contributing to the outlined strategy. There may be times when everything seems to be in order after a thorough portfolio review. Other times, there may be a few changes that can be made. Maybe there are one or two names that have been over performing providing a big boost to the portfolio. On the other end, there could be a few stocks that are impacting the portfolio in a negative way and they may need to be addressed. Although constant portfolio monitoring may not be overly necessary for longer-term investors, regular portfolio examination is generally considered to be a good idea.

Investors might be looking around every corner when analyzing shares of Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTNR). Many investors will closely track a stock when it nears a major historical high or low point. Let’s take a quick peek at some major historical highs and lows for the stock:

All time high: 26.125
All time low: 2.12
52 week high: 6.6
52 week low: 3.23
6 month high: 5.6
6 month low: 3.23
3 month high: 5.6
3 month low: 4.31
One month high: 5.6
One month low: 4.7