Commerce Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBSH)’s 40.20% Future Growth Projected From Analysts

Commerce Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBSH) is expected to report earnings of 3.97% per share for next year, according to research firms covering the shares. Analysts are expecting an EPS change of 40.20% for the current year. Wall Street analysts polled by Thomson Reuters have a current recommendation of 3.20 on a consensus basis for the stock. The same analysts see shares reaching $61.80 within the next year on a consensus basis.On a typical market day there is no shortage of stock news. Investors are often tasked with trying to decipher which news is worth paying attention to and which isn’t. Not only is there plenty of swirling news, there are usually plenty of opinions that follow. Closely following market sentiment can be useful for some, but it may impede others when decisions need to be made. When it comes to dedicated stock research, taking shortcuts may result in disappointing portfolio performance. Investors have to be careful not to be tempted by the hot stocks of the day. Of course, maybe some of those stocks would fit well in the portfolio, but doing individual stock study can help confirm the addition.


Let’s take a look at how the stock has been performing recently.  Over the past twelve months, Commerce Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBSH)’s stock was 7.84%.  Over the last week of the month, it was 0.83%, 2.62% over the last quarter, and  -8.50% for the past six months.

Over the past 50 days, Commerce Bancshares, Inc. stock’s -5.05% off of the high and 9.30% removed from the low.  Their 52-Week High and Low are noted here.  -12.02% (High), 13.84%, (Low). 


Earnings Per Share (EPS) is the earnings made by a company divided by their number of shares.  EPS enables the earnings of a company to easily be compared to their competitors. The higher the number, the more profit per dollar is being made on investor capital.  Commerce Bancshares, Inc.’s EPS for the trailing 12 months is 3.78.  Their EPS should be compared to other companies in the Financial sector.

Technical analysts have little regard for the value of a company. They use historic price data to observe stock price patterns to predict the direction of that price going forward.  Analysts use common formulas and ratios to accomplish this.

Commerce Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBSH)’s RSI (Relative Strength Index) is 47.29.  RSI is a technical indicator of price momentum, comparing the size of recent gains to the size of recent losses and establishes oversold and overbought positions.

Serious investors are often looking for that next batch of quality stocks to add to the portfolio. Finding quality stocks at a discount can be a tough task, especially with the market trading at such high levels. Many investors will be patiently waiting for a dip to get in on some researched names. Being prepared for any situation may help the investor make those tricky decisions when opportunities present themselves. Nobody can say for sure which way momentum is likely to swing heading into the New Year. Staying on top of the key economic data can help provide a good baseline for stock investing decisions in the near future.