3 kill Delhi youth over extramarital affair

NEW DELHI: Three people, including a , were arrested on Saturday for killing a man for having an with the woman. The accused had the victim multiple times, wrapped his body in a mattress and dumped it in a jungle, where it was found a fortnight later in a .

The victim, Karan (22), was a resident of Sangam Vihar, and had left his home in search of a job in April. On April 23, he told his father that he would come home for a few days as he had been unwell, but when he didn’t, they repeatedly tried reaching him. After two days of failed attempts, they lodged a missing complaint and started looking for him themselves.

The parents went to one police station after another looking for answers, until they went to (south) police station on Thursday. On May 8, a body had been recovered from a jungle, and the parents identified it by Karan’s clothes.