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  • Nexam Chemical Holding AB (publ) (OM:NEXAM) Slope Reading Heads To -5.42953 on The Dial

    Nexam Chemical Holding AB (publ) (OM:NEXAM) shares currently have a 125/250 day adjusted slope average of -5.42953.  The Adjusted Slope 125/250d indicator is equal to the average annualized exponential regression slope, over the past 125 and 250 trading days, multiplied by the coefficient of determination (R2). This indicator is useful in helping find shares that have been on a consistent upward direction over the past six […]

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  • Investor Watch: Directional Signal Check for Marsh & Mclennan Companies (MMC)

    Investors and traders may be focusing on some technical indicators for Marsh & Mclennan Companies (MMC). Currently, the 7-day average directional indicator is Sell. This signal may be used to determine the market trend. The 7-day average directional direction is currently Weakest. This signal indicates whether the Buy or Sell signal is getting stronger or weakening, or whether the Hold […]

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  • Citi Trends Inc (CTRN) Placed Under the Lens

    Citi Trends Inc (CTRN) shares have seen the Money Flow Indicator climb above 60, potentially spelling a near-term reversal if it crosses above the 70 line.  The Money Flow Indicator is a unique indicator that combines momentum and volume with an RSI formula. Because of its incorporation of volume, the MFI is better suited to identify potential reversals using both overbought/oversold levels […]

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